Cookies for Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf

EPISODE 1: Cookies for Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf

Provide a direct link between a component’s Live menu and it’s Setup menu. In other words, if I’m in “Listen To My Music” and I need to get to “Music Setup” to configure the directories or rebuild the collection I have to navigate back through half a dozen menus! ESC, ESC, down, down, down, down, ENTER, down, down, down, ENTER, ENTER. Then repeat everything in reverse to get back to “Listen To My Music”. This is *particularly* painful when setting up and then testing things in MythGame. It would be so much easier if there was an shortcut to jump to the setup and back for that component.

Many plugins already behave in this manner.

The ability to integrate the other plugins to work with removable storage. For instance, to play videos/music/pictures off an inserted flash drive. I’m not sure if there would be an easy way to do this, but I’m thinking some sort of dynamic storage group that detects newly created devices folders in the /media/ directory (on ubuntu, this is where removable storage is automatically mounted), or perhaps just a way to browse the filesystem and play content without having to setup new scan directories, re-scan and re-build the database. One issue to attend to is removable storage inserted before mythTV starts (if you follow the idea monitoring the /media/ directory as a means of detecting removable storage). A separate database could be possibly created on the removable device for metadata/fanart/etc.

The plan is to have no plugins work with removable storage, and to migrate everything to storage groups. The user would then run a backend or mediaserver on any machine that accepted removable storage, which would manage the content, and allow access to any connected frontend.

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