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EDGE of the REZ PODCAST is a labor of love brought to you by me (Benjamin II) and a team (yes, a full TEAM) of people around the North American continent who source stories, edit episodes, book our live shows, run our storytelling school, maintain our website, and on and on.

We’re an independent operation and it’s a very costly production when you add up all the expenses we have as we pay our staff, run our live shows, produce tour shows, record stories, put episodes together, maintain a vibrant web presence, etc.

Even with all of this up and running, we are still desperately in need of extra funding for publicity, marketing and new team members so we can continue to grow. So if you like EDGE of the REZ PODCAST, and you listen to EDGE of the REZ PODCAST, please help keep EDGE of the REZ PODCAST running.

If you want to help keep us going strong and putting out new shows every week, please consider a small donation. You’ll be happy you did! We also accept Bitcoin: 1223ikTUvwhZRdCKagC7eTge1ss45RGpEu

Thank you for your support,
Benjamin II and the EDGE of the REZ PODCAST team

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By using our own website we are able to cut the cost of using Patreon, or kickstarter. Why let them take a cut of your money just because you like us enough to send us some love + money.

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